With a workforce of over 500 employees we provide the full range of security and related services to a wide range of customers. We offer a nationwide service across multiple industry sectors through our offices in Dublin and Cork. We are renowned with Quality, Customer care and Technical knowledge in the ever changing Security industry.

As a provider of the entire range of security services, we offer all our clients an integrated solution, servicing all their security needs from static guarding to store detectives, from key holding to alarm response and mobile patrols and from full security technology consultation to electronic installations.

As a licensed security service provider, our investment in human capital is paramount in ensuring our ongoing market position. This set of skills which our employees bring to our clients, are acquired through training, experience and man-management with the objectives of increasing the company’s and our employee’s value to our clients and to the marketplace in general.


SAR Group Static Guarding prevents crimes in addition to providing increased safety and security at times when companies, shops, authorities and schools are unmanned. Our highly trained security officers are visible and effective deterrents. This visibility, combined with site specific training and key observation and patrol techniques serve to maximise the effect of our officers’ presence.

With Static Guarding, monitoring of your company’s security can be concentrated at one or more specific points . As part of our initial process we carry out a risk assessment for the client, identifying the key risk areas and establishing the levels of security required to maximise crime prevention. The results of this assessment gives us the basis to plan your guarding requirements and allows us to assign suitably trained static guards to specific meet specific requirements.

Through our specialist guarding divisions, all SAR Security Clients are supported by a dedicated Industry Sector Management Team. These teams of security experts have considerable experience in the concerns and exacting requirements of our clients business sector.


Our mobile patrols are a highly effective, visual and physical deterrent, used to safeguard client property and deter theft

We can devise internal and external patrol routes to maximise the effectiveness of the patrols while minimising cost. These patrols are carried out in a multitude of alternating sequences, so that the frequency and timing of patrols remains ambiguous for any unwanted visitors.

Our fully trained, PSA licensed mobile patrol officers wear the highly recognisable SAR Security uniform, drive our full liveried equipped vehicles, all of which adds to our visibility on your site..

In addition to deterring criminal activity, mobile patrols alert our Licensed Officers to the threat of fire, flood or other damaging incidents that may affect your business.

Clock Points are placed at agreed inspection points. And as all our vehicles are fitted with a satellite tracking system, both of these systems allow us to maintain and review data as proof of patrols, in addition to measuring the effectiveness of the patrol process.


SAR Security operate a fleet of dedicated security vehicles providing a 24/7 Alarm Response service. Our skilled response officers are trained to deal with the diversity of situations that may occur when an alarm is activated.

Our emergency response drivers carry out a full patrols in response to the alarm activation call and are supported up by our 24/7 Control Centre.


Our keyholding services offer an additional/alternative service to business management and staff. This service also assists in avoiding serious Health & Safety issues. SAR Security retain a set of your keys and will respond to any alarm activations received from your premises. In addition, as keyholders we offer an Opening and Lock-up Service if required.


The post of Security Receptionist is one of the most important in your organisation as the receptionist is often the first point of contact between your customers and your company. First impression are lasting impressions and our Receptionist Service recognises this ethos . SAR Security receptionists are trained to be courteous, efficient and effective, with the added dimension of being highly trained in all aspects of the security industry. All of our PSA Licenced security receptionists have excellent communication and people skills which will assure your visitors that they are dealing with a competent and efficient company from the moment they enter your premises. Specific client reception duty requirement are designed and agreed in advance of assignment.


The primary role of concierge is to prevent unauthorized access to the building whilst enhancing the presentation of your Organisation. The Concierge is often the first contact that your visitors encounter and the impression they create is extremely important.

SAR Security prides itself on its standards of excellence, and our specialist uniformed concierge provides a high profile and personal interface in any reception area. Our concierge staff are keen to both serve our clients by providing a first-class service while maintaining the security of the property, and to serve our consumers by providing timely and accurate information regarding emergency procedures , the facilities available, and to assist them in their endeavors.


SAR Security provide a secure executive chauffeur service for all of your travel requirements. We can provide you with a chauffeur driven vehicle or we can utilise your own vehicles with our fully insured and Institute of Advanced Motoring qualified chauffeurs.

Our Advanced Driver qualified staff also specialise in passenger comfort and care. So whether it’s you we are taking to that special event, or simply easing the school run load, all our passengers will arrive on time, safely and in total comfort.