Cavan General Hospital

Cavan General Hospital is a public hospital located in Co. Cavan, Ireland. It provides acute-care hospital services, including a 24-hour emergency department, for the population of Co. Cavan and Co. Monaghan. The hospital provides 264 beds, of which 193 are in-patient acute beds, while 46 are reserved for acute day cases. A further 25 beds are for psychiatric services.

SAR Group provide manned guarding security services and car park management to Cavan General Hospital.

Our role at Cavan General Hospital is to:

  • Work constructively with all staff to provide a quality, integrated & efficient service for patients, clients and users.
  • Ensure a high standard of security by means of appropriate recruitment, selection and training of staff and the corresponding supervision of staff.
  • Abide by all hospital policies, rules and regulations, thereby maintaining the best interests of patients, clients and users.

Our main duties here comprise of:

  • Prevention of trespassing and criminal acts by persons in the hospital building or grounds.
  • The operation of the CCTV system, fire alarm and fire detection systems.
  • Taking emergency action in the event of persons being trapped in hospital lifts.
  • Custody and safe return of keys.
  • Collection of cash from cash operated equipment.
  • Reporting of all incidents.
  • Enforcing hospital policies and rules.
  • Operating the hospital lost and found service.
  • Assisting in withdrawals from hospital stores, laundry and pharmacy, outside normal working hours.
  • Regular patrolling of the hospital and grounds.
  • Dealing with aggressive patients and visitors in the A&E.
  • Providing accurate reports on a daily basis..
  • Reception duties.
  • Restraint of persons.
  • Operate the Fire Policy.
  • Provision of “Specials” (one to one security).
  • Customer/client support i.e. assisting visitors and staff with directions, queries, obtaining wheelchairs etc.

The service requires a total of 168 hours per week, however this can extend to over 500 hours per week at short notice when specials are requested.