SAR Security Choose the St. James’s Hospital Patients Gardens Project as Charity Partner for Christmas 2019

December 17, 2019 |

SAR Security, as part of the MCR Group, has proudly chosen the St. James’s Hospital Patients Gardens Project as our charity partner for Christmas 2019.

The extremely worthwhile cause entails the creation of outdoor spaces that will offer a tranquil healing environment on the hospital campus, allowing patients, staff and visitors to spend time in a beautiful natural setting in an otherwise built up environment.

The new patients garden area will seek to:

  • help relieve the anxiety and stress often experienced by those with cancer and their families and friends.
  • alleviate depression and enhance positive mood states, which is important for patients undergoing treatment for serious illness or long stay patients.
  • improve recovery rates – studies have demonstrated that patients who have contact with nature, even where this is simply a view through a window, recover more quickly.
  • provide outdoor space for a wide range of activities including gardening art, music and mindfulness.
  • provide space for patients to meet visitors away from the wards and noisy concourse.
  • improve staff well being which contributes to better performance, safety and retention.
  • provide an opportunity for staff to relax and socialise with other members of staff.

Letter from Vincent Callan, Director of Facilities Management at St. James’s Hospital, in recognition of our contribution to the Patients Gardens Project.