Waterford Regional Hospital

Waterford Regional Hospital is the designated hospital for the South Eastern region, with 500-beds and over 1800 employees. The A&E department is one of the busiest in the country, and is the busiest hospital outside of the Dublin area.

The mission statement of the hospital declares;

“Together we will serve our population by providing quality patient care, delivered by skilled and valued staff, through the best use of available resources.”

Our security staff work hard to provide a quality, integrated and efficient service for all at Waterford Regional Hospital.

Our main security services here include:

  • Ensuring a high standard of security by means of appropriate recruitment, selection and training of staff, and the corresponding supervision of staff.
  • Promoting Waterford Regional Hospital as a safe and secure environment by means of the provision of a quality security service.
  • Abiding by all hospital policies, rules and regulations, thereby maintaining the best interests of patients, clients and users.
  • We provide static security throughout the hospital. Two security officers are provided during the day and three at night. An additional officer is also required to cover the car park specifically.
  • In 2008 we were requested to provide an on-site security manager following the retirement of the Hospital’s own security manager.
  • Prevention of trespassing and the commission of criminal acts by persons in the hospital building or grounds.
  • The operation of the CCTV system, fire alarm and fire detection systems.
  • Taking emergency action in the event of persons being trapped in hospital lifts.
  • Custody and safe return of keys.
  • Collection of cash from cash operated equipment, counting and reconciling of same.
  • Reporting of all incidents.
  • Enforcing hospital policies and rules.
  • Operating the hospital lost and found service.
  • Assisting in withdrawals from hospital stores, laundry and pharmacy outside normal working hours.
  • Regular patrolling of the hospital and grounds.
  • Dealing with aggressive patients and visitors in the A&E.
  • Providing accurate reports on a daily basis.
  • Reception duties.
  • Restraint of persons.
  • Operate the Fire Policy.
  • Provision of “Specials” (one to one security).
  • Customer/client support. For example: Assisting visitors and staff with directions, queries, obtaining wheelchairs etc.

The service requires a total of 420 hours per week. The shift times are split to obtain maximum numbers of security staff at peak times. An extra officer was recruited to cover car park duties, covering 45 hours extra per week.

When clamping was introduced, management worked alongside the hospital to introduce a set of policies and procedures for the car park and clamping operations. A reputable clamping company was sourced, along with a set of KPI’s and a Service Level Agreement being drawn up.  The clamping service is self-financing with no cost to the hospital. Security staff were retrained in barrier techniques and car parking policy.

Reports on clamping issues are presented to the hospital on a monthly basis. The hospital still reserves the right to have a vehicle unclamped at their discretion.